10 Best Anger Management Self Help Books

10 Best Anger Management Self Help Books 185 Mounds of Books


 Best Anger Management Books: Anger management is a process of learning to identify and control one’s own anger. It can involve techniques such as relaxation, cognitive restructuring, and problem-solving. Anger management can help people to better understand and cope with their own anger and the anger of others.

Top anger management books can help you identify some of your issues, books on controlling anger may not solve all your issues but they can help. These books on anger management for adults will help you learn how to deal with your anger in a more constructive way.

If you’re looking for an Anger Management book that will really help you understand and control your anger, this is the book for you. Anger management books are not just for people who have trouble controlling their tempers. Below we have a list of the best anger management audio books and paperback books to point you in the right direction.

Best Anger Management Books

10 Best Anger Management Self Help Books 187 Mounds of Books

Anger Management by Julius Carnegie

Getting angry is normal and healthy, despite what some people might think, but when you do not manage it properly or when you let it last longer than is necessary, then the anger will start to be destructive.

The purpose of Mr. Julius Carneige is to give the reader an in-depth understanding of the topic of anger. This book has very useful tips on how an individual can identify his or her particular type of anger, what causes him or her to get angry, and how to overcome the negative consequences of anger. Furthermore, it goes into great lengths to answer the most common questions about anger, the effects of anger on an individual’s health, and the power of forgiveness.



10 Best Anger Management Self Help Books 193 Mounds of Books

Nominated by Martin Luther King, Jr. for a Nobel Peace Prize, Thich Nhat Hanh is one of today’s leading sources of wisdom, peace, compassion and comfort.

It was under the bodhi tree in India twenty-five centuries ago that Buddha achieved the insight that three states of mind were the source of all our unhappiness: wrong knowing, obsessive desire, and anger. All are difficult, but in one instant of anger—one of the most powerful emotions—lives can be ruined, and health and spiritual development can be destroyed.


10 Best Anger Management Self Help Books 199 Mounds of Books

“Aaron’s experience treating anger is second to none.”
– Dr. Nathan R. Hydes, PhD; US Navy Psychologist

A Modern, No-nonsense Anger Management Workbook Written Specifically for Men

Are you ready to take control of your anger? Clinical Therapist Aaron Karmin teaches you the skills to manage your anger without aggression and build up your self-confidence, self-control and self-respect.

The Anger Management Workbook for Men goes beyond why men get angry and helps you get to the root of your anger by including:

  • Invaluable information and assessments to help evaluate your anger
  • Concrete examples of productively expressing anger
  • Clinical examples of anger management strategies


10 Best Anger Management Self Help Books 205 Mounds of Books

Everyone gets angry, but teaching kids how to respond to anger is what really matters. The Anger Management Workbook for Kids offers fun, interactive activities to help kids handle powerful emotions for a lifetime of healthy behavioral choices.

From drawing a picture of what anger looks like to building a vocabulary for communicating feelings, the activities in this workbook give kids ages 6-12 the skills to understand and talk about anger habits and triggers. With this foundation, kids will learn positive and proactive strategies to deal with anger through gratitude, friendliness, and self-kindness.


10 Best Anger Management Self Help Books 211 Mounds of Books

Powerful Tools for Overcoming Extreme Anger

Do you or someone you care about experience episodes of extreme and unpredictable anger? Intense rages that threaten relationships, jobs, property-or worse? The first thing you need to know is that you are not alone. Researchers estimate that some 7 percent of Americans may at some time experience a condition called intermittent explosive disorder (IED), which is characterized by reoccurring periods of extraordinary anger, and millions more have less frequent yet equally damaging experiences with rage. The second thing you need to know is that there is help.


10 Best Anger Management Self Help Books 217 Mounds of Books

The Anger Management Workbook for Women delivers an actionable 5-step strategy specially designed to help you understand, work through, and take control of your anger.

As a clinical social worker and therapist specializing in anger management, Julie Catalano has seen that when women choose to address their anger management issues, they often do so with feelings of shame or regret. If anger is wreaking havoc in your life and you have decided to work on it―congratulations, you’re making a very brave choice.

In The Anger Management Workbook for Women Julie offers a 5-step anger management plan that will help you understand the source of your anger, release the pervasive guilt that often results from negative behaviors, and learn actionable strategies for managing anger now and in the future.


10 Best Anger Management Self Help Books 223 Mounds of Books

First of all, anger is a natural emotion that is even considered healthy. However, when anger is triggered and allowed to spin out of control, then it is no longer healthy. This is because, in such cases, these anger emotions tend to cloud our judgment and cause us to make rush decisions that we will not be proud of afterward. It can damage relationships and cause harm to us and the people around us. This is not something that you would like to happen, right?

Learning the right way to control anger plays a central role in limiting emotional damage. In other words, when it comes to anger management, there are quite a number of techniques that you can employ to keep your cool. But before you can keep that cool, you have to be self-aware that you have an anger issue that needs to be addressed. This is the first step through the anger management process.


10 Best Anger Management Self Help Books 229 Mounds of Books

Are you tired of living a life filled with anger, aggression, and unhappiness? Do you want to master your emotions and stop letting anger get the best of you? Are you ready to form new, meaningful, healthy, and positive relationships?If you said yes to all the questions above, you are reading the right book. If not, you may want to scroll and move on because this message isn’t for you. I am addressing this to people who have a hard time managing their emotions and are ready to take control without a second thought.Anger management problems are an actual problem which many people struggle with; I used to be one of these people. Emotions are a necessary part of the human experience, but what happens when they become consuming and overwhelming?

10 Best Anger Management Self Help Books 235 Mounds of Books

Mindfulness for Anger Management puts mindfulness into action with transformative skills and real strategies for overcoming anger and taking control of powerful emotions.

Mindfulness is more than a philosophy for anger management―it’s a daily practice. Transforming wisdom into actionable exercises, Mindfulness for Anger Management equips you with concrete skills and strategies to overcome anger with mindfulness.

Dr. Stephen Dansiger, a licensed therapist with 25 years of experience combining evidence-based therapeutic methods and spiritual practices, turns your gaze inward to understand anger triggers and address accompanying thoughts, feelings, and body sensations. With a focus on the real-life areas that anger impacts―home, work, and relationships―the self-reflective exercises and practical tactics in Mindfulness for Anger Management allow you to take control of your emotions and live every moment mindfully.

10 Best Anger Management Self Help Books 241 Mounds of Books

Anger is something we feel. It exists for a reason and always deserves our respect and attention. We all have a right to everything we feel—and certainly our anger is no exception.

“Anger is a signal and one worth listening to,” writes Dr. Harriet Lerner in her renowned classic that has transformed the lives of millions of readers. While anger deserves our attention and respect, women still learn to silence our anger, to deny it entirely, or to vent it in a way that leaves us feeling helpless and powerless. In this engaging and eminently wise book, Dr. Lerner teaches both women and men to identify the true sources of anger and to use it as a powerful vehicle for creating lasting change.


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Anger Mangement: No Anger, No Stress No Anxiety by Mind Building School

Anger is, without a doubt, one of the most difficult emotions to talk about due to its serious potential to cause disaster.

In many of our cultures, anger is viewed with fear and suspicion due to the ways in which it manifests, often with very damaging results.

And even in our own personal lives, angry reactions and ineffective ways of dealing with conflicts usually result in discord and resentment. It is, therefore very essential that we gain a clear understanding of anger and the far-reaching influence it has on our lives.

This book was written in an effort to demystify this very potent emotion, which is often expressed in all the wrong ways. nuances.

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