Top 10 Best Business Proposal Books: Must-Reads

Best Business Proposal Books

by Alan Weiss

Bestselling author of Million Dollar Consulting shares the secrets of writing winning proposals

Intended for consultants, speakers, and other professional services providers, Million Dollar Consulting® Proposals ends forever the time-consuming and often frustrating process of writing a consulting proposal. It begins with the basics―defining these proposals and why they are necessary―and coaches you through the entire proposal process. In this book, you’ll learn how to establish outcome-based business objectives and maximize your success and commensurate fees.

From bestselling author Alan Weiss, Million Dollar Consulting Proposals delivers step-by-step guidance on the essential element in creating a million dollar consultancy.

  • Outlines the nine key components to a Million Dollar Consulting proposal structure
  • Presents a dozen Golden Rules for presenting proposals
  • Offers online samples, forms, and templates to maximize the effectiveness of these tools
  • The New York Post calls bestselling author Alan Weiss “one of the most highly regarded independent consultants in America.”

by Neil Cobb and Charlie Divine

Develop a winning business proposal

Plan and use a repeatable proposal process

Use tools and templates to accelerate your proposals

Get the intel on bids and proposals

Congratulations! You have in your hands the collected knowledge and skills of the professional proposal writer – without having to be one! Inside, you’ll find out how to unlock what these professionals know and apply it to your own business to improve the way you capture new customers and communicate with existing ones!


  • Develop a great proposal
  • Focus on the customer
  • Know your competition
  • Plan your approach
  • Use tools and templates
  • Write persuasively
  • Overcome misconceptions
  • Expand your skills
  • Avoid proposal killer

by Robert J. Hamper and L. Baugh

Whether you are a solo practitioner soliciting new business, a seasoned manager in a world-class consultancy, or a member of a corporate team, the Handbook for Writing Proposals will give you the advice and information you need to develop more effective business proposals–to evaluate potential, articulate a program, showcase your skills persuasively, and present your ideas forcefully. It is loaded with sample documents and checklists that show you how to develop, produce, and present a polished proposal that will guarantee your success. Whether this is your first proposal or your fiftieth, the Handbook for Writing Proposals offers all the proven techniques and practical advice you need to leave your competition at the gate. The Experts Welcome the Handbook for Writing Proposals “You spend an inordinate amount of time and energy maintaining a business, developing human resources, and building a high-quality product or service. Why blow it with a substandard proposal? This book guides you through the process of creating the best impression of your sweat equity to your customer.

by Richard C. Freed , Shervin Freed

Winning proposals that turn prospects into clients

Based on the proposal-writing system used at A.T. Kearney and KPMG Peat Marwick, Writing Winning Business Proposals features proven strategies, along with worksheets and other tools that clearly show clients what they want and will easily seal the deal.

Thoroughly updated, the third edition offers general guidelines that apply to all business proposals making this the must-have proposal-writing book to have on hand.

Writing Winning Business Proposals features:

  • Winning formula from top consultants proven to work for any proposal
  • Complete step-by-step process, walking you through all the difficulties
  • Up-to-date, user-friendly redesign with new worksheets and charts
  • Updates on fees and collaboration

If you’re seeking approval for projects, or want a client to buy, invest or do something, Writing Winning Business Proposals is the reference you need to get you to get them to do what you want.

by David Seibert

Filled with actionable advice, practical recommendations, and lots and lots of examples, Proposal Best Practices shows you the most important things you have to do to win more business when responding to RFPs. It discusses what to do before an RFP comes out, how to write compelling proposal content once the RFP is released, what to do after a proposal is submitted, and more. Far from a long, boring text, Proposal Best Practices is an easy-to-read and practical guide that’s as entertaining as it is informational. Read it. Apply it. Profit from it.

by Patrick G Riley

As clear, concise, and concrete as its subject, Patrick Riley‘s The One–Page Proposal promises to be the definitive business guide to getting your best ideas fully understood in the least amount of time.

Today more than ever, business decisions are made on the fly first impressions can make all the difference. Now, in the first book of its kind, successful entrepreneur Patrick Riley shows you how to boil all the elements of your business proposal into one persuasive page magnify your business potential in the process.

by William Magrino, Michael Goeller

The NEW edition of Effective Business and Professional Writing: From Problem to Proposal is built around a single concept – that students learn professional writing through ownership of their ideas.This text equips students with the real-world skills that today’s employers seek. 

Effective Business and Professional Writing: From Problem to Proposal:

  • is a proposal writing text. It assists students in building a proposal from the ground up. 
  • includes an author constructed heuristic known as the “Six P’s” which assists students in understanding the information accumulated and where the research process needs to go next. 
  • features the job search chapter early on in order to prepare students for subsequent and less familiar assignments.
  • contains a learner-centered theme throughout: peer review workshop exercises and key assignments are included. 

by Robert S. Frey

Here s your one-stop-shop for winning new business! The new, Sixth Edition of this perennial bestseller updates and expands all previous editions, making this volume the most exhaustive and definitive proposal strategy resource. Directly applicable for businesses of all sizes, Successful Proposal Strategies provides extensive and important context, field-proven approaches, and in-depth techniques for business success with the Federal Government, the largest buyer of services and products in the world. This popular book and its companion CD-ROM are highly accessible, self-contained desktop references developed to be informative, highly practical, and easy to use. Small companies with a viable service or product learn how to gain and keep a customer s attention, even when working with only a few employees. Offering a greatly expanded linkage of proposals to technical processes and directions, the Sixth Edition includes a wealth of new material, adding important chapters on cost building and price volume, the criticality of business culture and investments in proposal success, the proposal solution development process, and developing key conceptual graphics.

by Alan Weiss

Here’s the guide you’ve been looking for — written by a successful consultant who has himself written hundreds of winning proposals. In this easy-to-read, easy-to-follow book, consultant Alan Weiss takes you step-by-step through the proposal process from definitions, objectives and essential preparation techniques…through the actual structuring and writing process…and on to the all-important client follow-up. How to Write A Proposal That’s Accepted Every Time shows you how to acquire the information that creates winning proposals in collaboration with the buyer. “That’s the key to proposal acceptance,” says Weiss, “Collaboration with and agreement by the client prior to anything being committed to paper.” In this practical guide you’ll learn how to — Avoid gatekeepers and deal only with the economic buyer (the person who can cause a check to be signed); Establish boundaries and avoid “scope creep.”; Effectively convey the value of the project; Frame your intervention in terms of outcomes rather than cost; And much more. Let this detailed, how-to guide lead you to consulting success, before, during and after the proposal process! Book & CD