Email Marketing Books: 12 Must-Read Books to grow your E-mail Campaign!

Email Marketing

Email Marketing Books: Email marketing is an important part of your overall small business strategy. If you’re looking to grow your new business or to expand your current business. We have compiled a list of the  best books on email marketing that cover email marketing analytics, email marketing strategies, B2B marketing and digital marketing books. With the right focus you can grow your Email marketing campaigns. If you enjoy this booklist please check out our other Marketing book lists and see the difference that they can make in your life.

Email Marketing Books:

Does any of this sound familiar to you?

1. You sit down every week staring at that blinking cursor wondering what to send your email list, and then a week becomes two or more, and you can’t remember when the last time you emailed them was.

2. You have an opt-in incentive or lead magnet that’s pretty much doing nothing for you or your business.

3. You have a haphazardly thrown together email sequence that doesn’t bring you sales or engagement.

4. You silently cringe every month as you pay out your email service provider because you’re not using any of their features.

5. You’re pretty much winging it with email

If you’re nodding yes, 300 Email Marketing Tips will give you more than a bare-bones framework to put in place an email marketing strategy for your business.

The premise of this book isn’t about growing a big fat email list.  Email marketing is NOT list building alone. 

You need a coherent, holistic strategy to be successful at it.

Here’s what’s packed in this how-to guide:

  • What branding has to do with email marketing and the #1 thing most solopreneurs ignore when it comes to their email list

  • 7 things your welcome email must do (but probably doesn’t!)

  • Why your lead magnet has to address THESE two critical points 

  • 3 ways to plan your email editorial calendar

  • Answers to the questions

While many have decried that email is dead, a handful of digital marketers have quietly been using little-known email marketing techniques to generate massive results.

In Email Marketing Demystified, digital marketing expert Matthew Paulson reveals the strategies and techniques that top email marketers are currently using to build large mailing lists, write compelling copy that converts and generate millions in revenue using their email lists.

Inside the book, you’ll learn how to:

  • Build a massive mailing list using 15 different proven list building techniques.
  • Write compelling copy that engages your readers and drives them to take action.
  • Optimize every step of your email marketing funnel to skyrocket your sales.
  • Grow a highly-engaged and hungry fan-base that will devour your content.
  • Create six new revenue streams for your business using email marketing.
  • Keep your messages out of the spam folder by following our best practices.

Matthew Paulson has organically grown an email list of more than 900,000 investors and generates more than $6 million per year in revenue using the strategies outlined in Email Marketing Demystified. Regardless of what kind of business you are building, email marketing can serve as the rocket fuel that that will skyrocket your business.

Do you feel that your email marketing could be generating more income for you? Does it seem like other email marketers make more money – but they put in a lot less effort? In The Email Lifeline, Internet marketer Anik Singal explains why many email marketing efforts fail and shows how to make every email and campaign a success. A leading authority in digital publishing, Singal tells how he went from sending out emails that did nothing to becoming an email marketing magnate with over $100 million in sales. In these pages you’ll discover:

• Why email traffic is more valuable than any other traffic – online or not.
• How to dramatically build your email list, whether you prefer free or paid methods.
• How to write emails that get people to click the “Buy” button.
• How to choose the perfect products to promote.
• Why event-based marketing is not only simple, but it’s ridiculously profitable.

Marketers globally rate email marketing as the most powerful online marketing strategy and the one which delivers the best return on investment (ROI).

Email marketing has the lowest cost per acquisition. In other words, it is very cheap to acquire and retain customers through emails compared to other marketing channels.

There is a reason why your inbox is always full of emails. Email marketing works and it works wonders, provided you know how to keep your inbox placement rate and conversion rate consistently high.

If you wish to dramatically reduce your cost per acquisition and increase marketing ROI, you need to become extremely good at tracking the performance of the various KPIs and metrics used for email marketing.

A lot has been written about email marketing over the years. However, the majority of books out there talk about growing your email marketing list and perfecting your email marketing messages. This book is not about that.

This book is not about finding the best email subject lines, getting started with email marketing or providing you with any sort of blueprint or template that promises to skyrocket your sales.

Email Marketing: 3 Manuscripts in 1: Easy and Inexpensive Email Marketing Strategies to Make a Huge Impact on Your Business by Eric J Scott and Sam Slydell

Could your business be doing better? That’s better by any metric—more clicks, increased conversions, higher sales? Unless you’re doing something very wrong, the answer is most assuredly “yes!” That’s where email marketing comes in.

For the first time, author and marketer Eric J. Scott has compiled his three fantastic books on email marketing into one box set! Click “Buy Now” at the top of the page, and you’ll have all the information you need to bring your business up to speed with the latest tech and e-commerce trends, and get it ready for the future with the cutting edge of email marketing!

Eric J. Scott gives you all the ins and outs of email marketing.

New to making email work for you and your business? No problem! Email Marketing: Beginners Guide to Dominating the Market with Email Marketing is a foundational text that fills you in on all the terminology and background you need to know. Learn the definitive answer to every question you might have about the topic of email marketing, such as:

What is email marketing and why should I use it?

How do I start an email marketing campaign?

What do I need to include in my emails?

EMAIL MARKETING STRATEGIES 2019: Proven Tactics For Building Your First 10,000 Email Subscribers In 1 Month, Writing Irresistible Copies That Increase Conversion Rates And Maximizing Profits By 300%

This book is well designed and written by an experienced digital marketer from the USA who has been working in internet marketing field for over 10 years. He really is the expert in training SEO and email marketing for people at each level. In this book, he will provide you all proven strategies, tips, tricks, guides, explanations, and much more to help you on How to Building Your First 10,000 Email Subscribers In 1 Month, Writing Irresistible Copies That Increase Conversion Rates and Maximizing Profits By 300%! If you follow his step-by-step system, you will get great results within a short period of time.

As the author of this book, Phillip Rusell believes that this book will be an indispensable reference and trusted guide for you who may want to build a list of potential customers as subscribers fast, build deep understanding of what your customers need, choose the best autoresponder for your budget, write compelling copy that engages your subscribers, drives them to take action and skyrocket your sales, techniques to avoid spam filters and blacklists and much more. Once you read this book, I guarantee you that you will have learned an extraordinarily wide range of useful, and practical Email Marketing strategies, tips and tricks that will help you master every aspect of email marketing and become a successful digital marketer within a short period of time only. Email marketing is not as hard as you and most people may think. It’s actually just common sense, and once you know the secrets, it’s pretty easy.

Email marketing is a critical component of nearly every B2B marketing program. The quality of your message and your list could make or break an entire marketing campaign.

This book will take readers through all aspects of an email program, including strategy, data, design, copywriting, delivery, testing and analysis. It will provide insight, tactics, tips and takeaways that readers can implement to improve campaigns for their business.

How can you win at B2B email marketing? Read this book and learn:
•Why Email = Winning
•How to set and achieve goals
•How to collect, manage and grow a high quality, engaged, and responsive contact list
•Why B2B emails don’t have to be boring
•How to create messaging that is relevant, personalized and actionable
•Why testing is key to winning
•How to get results that matter

New Book Reveals A Simple Email Marketing System That Can Help You Make A Ton Of Sales From Your Email List

If you have an email list and would like to start making more sales with your email marketing, then this book is for you.

It used to be really easy to make money from email marketing because people used to love getting an email. They looked forward to all the cool messages in their inbox. And business owners could get away with being lazy and just blast out offers to their entire list… and get pretty good results.

The thing is, the game has changed. Consumer behavior has evolved. In order to cut through the clutter and be that one brand people love buying from and develop a relationship with, you have to change your strategy. The best way to do that is with the strategies you’ll find in this book.

This book is a quick read – you’ll probably finish it in one sitting. But it’ll show you a new way to think about your email list, which can help you make a lot more sales and grow your business.

A results getting tour de force. This is simply the best book on email marketing I have ever read.” Howard Lothrop

Email Persuasion: The Step-By-Step Guide to Attracting More Clients and Winning More Sales With Email Marketing

Business fads come and go, but Email Marketing has consistently outperformed all other marketing strategies. In Email Persuasion, marketing expert Ian Brodie reveals the techniques that are working right now to allow professionals and small businesses to connect with potential clients, build trust-based relationships and generate more sales through email.

Inside the book you’ll discover:

  • The Customer Insight Mapping technique for building deep understanding of what your clients need and what will motivate them to buy from you.
  • 6 surefire subject line models that will get your emails opened and read.
  • The “optin formula” for getting the right people to subscribe to your emails (and how to accelerate the growth of your subscriber list).
  • How to engage AND persuade with your emails so that you build a loyal ‘fan base’ ready to buy from you.
  • The advanced techniques for turning email subscribers into paying clients (and why accepted wisdom on selling in emails is almost all wrong).

“We’ve seen a threefold increase in leads and we’ve won several new clients.” Adrian Willmott

Email Persuasion lays out a clear blueprint for building an engaged subscriber base, building credibility and trust through your emails and converting your subscribers into paying clients.

No jargon. No fluff. Just practical, real-world strategies that deliver results.

Updated to reflect the hottest new trends, technologies, and strategies!

Much has happened in e-mail marketing since the first edition of this book appeared in 2007. With the dramatic rise of social media and mobile devices, there are more ways than ever to target campaigns and maximize your e-mail marketing dollars. The new edition of this helpful book is full of practical advice, whether you?re an enterprise-level marketer using a third-party e-mail marketing company or small business owner handling everything yourself.

  • Helps you map out an e-mail marketing strategy with reachable objectives
  • Simplifies the process of list-building, message-creation, and results-tracking
  • Offers legal guidance, so you stay compliant with anti-spam laws
  • Shows you how to deliver your message and incorporate social media
  • Explains how to track and interpret results
  • Includes the top ten things you should not put in your messages, and much more

Get more out of your e-mail marketing campaigns with this easy-to-follow guide.

The Author’s Guide to Email Marketing, Rob Eagar outlines how to use email to get people to buy your books. Rob has helped both fiction and nonfiction authors hit the New York Times bestseller list. As you apply the principles in this guide, you will confidently learn how to:

  • Create persuasive emails that convert subscribers into buyers
  • Double your email sign-up rate for free using irresistible incentives
  • Build a following that skyrockets your sales when you launch a new book
  • Revive interest in backlist titles, no matter when they were published
  • Overcome email “writer’s block” and send newsletters that sell

Whether you write fiction or non-fiction, self-publish or work with a publisher, let Rob show you how to build a list and send smart emails that grow your sales. Buy a copy of The Author’s Guide to Email Marketing and get more readers to click the “buy” button for your books.