Top 10 Best Leadership Styles Books

Leadership Styles Books: So if you’re here it means you’re looking to up your leadership styles or maybe you want to take your management practices to a whole new level, or maybe you want to know what it’s all about. There’s no better way of getting results than reading books, but not just any books will do. What you need to do is read books by those who know what leadership styles are and how they work. There’s no better way then than reading books by those in the know and that’s exactly what you get here. Delve into our exciting titles to help fine tune your new or existing interest in leadership styles and management skills. You’re guaranteed to find something to aid you from step-by-step guides to more comprehensive accounts of the how’s and why’s, the when and where. With our great offerings, you’ll be a pacifistic hurricane no matter the field or industry!If you enjoy this booklist please check out our other Management book lists and see the difference that they can make in your life.

Leadership Styles Books

by Mark Murphy

From New York Times bestseller Mark Murphy comes the definitive guide to leadership styles!What’s your leadership style? You have a particular style, of course, but do you know what it is and how it compares to the styles of other leaders? Do you know what types of employees respond best to your leadership style? And in which situations your particular leadership style is likely to generate the best results?Based on a study of more than 300,000 leaders, we’ve discovered the four fundamental leadership styles: Pragmatist, Idealist, Steward and Diplomat. Each one has strengths and weaknesses, so if you want to be an exceptional leader, you need to understand how to best leverage your personal leadership style to achieve maximal results from your team.Mark Murphy is a New York Times bestselling author, contributor to Forbes, and the founder of Leadership IQ, a research and training firm. Mark has consistently been ranked as one of the Top 30 leadership gurus in the world, and his books include Truth At Work: 

by Louis Bevoc

This book is great for beginners and those seeking general knowledge. It examines leadership from many different aspects. It analyzes leadership styles, toxic leaders, micromanaging leaders, and the roles leaders play in organizational culture. It explores the thinking behind leaders’ choices and the effects those choices have on workplaces. It also suggests ways to prevent negative leadership from occurring. The text is written for easy reader understanding at all levels, and examples are used throughout for illustration and clarification.

by Krishna Murari

The book is based on exploratory research carried out by the author in Indian Business Organizations. It gives insights to Employee Empowerment and five important leadership styles namely Transformational Leadership, Transactional Leadership, Servant Leadership, Abusive Leadership and Ethical leadership and their characteristics based on the researches carried out by the scholars and gurus in these fields. Transformational leadership, servant leadership and ethical leadership style enhance the employee empowerment while transactional leadership has no role in employee empowerment. The book highlight that abusive leadership style is used by many leaders and has negative impact on employee empowerment. Employee empowerment results in Quality of Work Life, Commitment and Job Involvement in employees which enhance competitiveness of the organization. It also emphasizes the important of personal characteristics of employees required to make them empowered. Some employees like to be empowered while some others do not. This book provides guidance to new researchers in the field of leadership and employee empowerment to carry out further researches in these fields in various countries and cultures. 

by Travis Holiday and Kevin Hollins

Do you want to become an unbeatable leader in just 30 days by mastering your emotional intelligence? Do you need to implement emotional intelligence at the workplace and improve your leadership skills? Are you struggling to recognize emotions within yourself and others? Do you want to win the love of your employees and subordinates?

If you answered yes to all these questions, then this is the right audiobook for you.

Emotional intelligence is not something that is just going to blossom and develop overnight. It is going to be a journey that requires commitment, perseverance, and hard work. Nothing that was worth having ever comes easy – but the harder that you worked for it, the more rewarding the experience was. We all know that letting our emotions run high is never a good thing. Because it is so powerful, that makes emotional intelligence one of the most valuable assets we could cultivate for ourselves. For a leader, there’s nothing like having EQ skills to bring about change for the better.

Studies show that employees rate more favorably a supervisor who possesses greater emotional intelligence when responding to them. This is very important information for those who are looking to gain rank in their leadership roles. Cognitive intelligence coupled with emotional intelligence is surely a winning combination.

by Beatrice Chestnut

The 9 Types of Leadership demonstrates how to solve people problems on the job in a quick, efficient and satisfying way through understanding personality patterns and motivations. 

In the past few years, mindfulness and other approaches to self-awareness have begun to transform the American workplace. But while it is increasingly widely accepted in the business world that the most direct route to success lies in adopting practices that actively promote a leader’s self-awareness, social skill, and emotional intelligence, the best and most efficient path to developing a more conscious workforce often remains unclear.

Discovering Your Leadership Style: The Power of Chemistry, Strategy and Spirituality

God can use your unique gifts, passions and personality to help you become a better leader. While personality inventories can help you understand your temperament, the model designed by leading church planter David Olson is designed to form fruitful Christian leadership. Olson’s model reveals how three factors―spirituality, chemistry and strategy―work together. The free online inventory that is a companion to this book takes just five minutes to complete, and the resulting report appears instantaneously. When you take the inventory, you will also discover your leadership style. The six styles that shape our ministry are

  • The Sacred Leader
  • The Relational Leader
  • The Inspirational Leader
  • The Building Leader
  • The Mission Leader
  • The Imaginative Leader

The thirty short chapters of this book are ideal for individual reflection with questions for individual discovery and bonus online activities. The book also includes all the tools you need to take your ministry team through this assessment. They will lead you deeper into this robust model for Christian leadership.

by Jeff Ruby

Today’s businesses don’t need bosses–they need leaders.

Company success doesn’t come from telling people what to do. True sustainable success is created from within, and to get there you need to transform your company culture. Sales and Leadership Trainer and Coach Jeff Ruby has a process that works. The RedRock Leadership method shows business leaders–from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies–how to double, triple, and even quadruple bottom-line results. The key factor in creating that growth? Emotional intelligence–but not just in one person.

Benefit from RedRock’s game-changing lessons, including:

  • How to leverage the power of emotions for your business, not against it.
  • Why management is an outdated concept–and why no one is talking about it.
  • Understand the six differences between heroic leadership and collaborative leadership…and why collaborative leadership will take your company growth further.
  • The unique four-point plan that starts with leaders and ripples down to your teams to revitalize growth and transform culture.

by Jim Sullivan

Multi-Unit Leadership: The 7 Stages of Building Profitable Stores Across Multiple Markets explores the art and science of 21st Century multi-unit leadership, performance and profitability. This 262 page softcover details the 7 stages that high-performing Area Directors, Regional Managers and franchisees must master as they grow from managing a single unit to leading multiple units. Over 200,000 copies sold worldwide. Brand new 4th Edition has been completely revised, updated and expanded. The book details over 250 best practices of high-performing MULs (multi-unit leaders) across the foodservice, retail, salon and spa industries in North America. The content is based on exclusive research and best practices culled from hundreds of high-performing Multiunit Leaders. Companies that bought the book include Walt Disney Company, Starbucks, Panera Bread, Jiffy Lube, McDonald’s, Portillo’s, Target, Applebee’s, Sam’s Club, American Express, Burger King, Chili’s, KFC, Denny’s, Coca-Cola, Suoercuts and many others.

by Berneitha K. McNair

D.O.P.E. Leadership: Success is in the Style is the introduction of the new leadership style that was developed by Berneitha K. McNair. D.O.P.E. Leadership will make you change the way you think about successful leadership. D.O.P.E. Leaders are Determined, Optimistic, Passionate, and Energetic. They do not lead and influence with an iron fist. They lead and influence with a positive spirit, an encouraging attitude, a results-oriented skill set, and a high energy level. D.O.P.E. Leadership: Success is in the Style is an informative guide and leadership training workbook that includes an impactful narrative, relevant assignments, thought-provoking scenarios, and practical steps to becoming a D.O.P.E. Leader. This innovative curriculum will also help you improve your critical thinking and problem-solving skills. If you are looking for a leadership style to enhance your capacity to achieve results, you do not need to look any further. D.O.P.E. Leadership: Success is in the Style is the book for you.

by Pete Smith and Joseph F Miele Jr.

Bill Belichick on football: Bill Belicheck in his own words!

The origins of arguably the greatest coach in professional sports is explored through interviews with Bill Belichick. Learn what he has to say about the fundamentals of football and what he focuses on during practice planning and execution. Ultimately, if you want to win more football games, then your team has to be good in all three areas to include offense, defense, and special teams. This book breaks down his thoughts on all the areas of the game and will help you become a better coach! Get your copy today!

Here is a preview of what you’ll learn:

  • Coaching philosophy and origins
  • Practice planning and fundamental football
  • Game preparation
  • X’s and O’s 
  • Strategy and situations

If you want an in-depth analysis of the philosophy of Bill Belichick, then this book is for you!