Top 10 Best Marketing Network Books

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Best Marketing Network Books

by Keith Schreiter and Tom "Big Al" Schreiter

Too busy to build a network marketing business?


Anyone can set aside 15 minutes a day to start building their financial freedom. Of course we would like to have more time, but in just 15 minutes we can change our lives forever.

How can we do this? With hyper-efficient ninja tricks, shortcuts, and focus on the activities that will pay off now.

Learn how to make invitations and appointments in seconds, with no rejection. Get immediate decisions from our prospects without long, boring sales presentations. Instead of chasing people, plant seeds so they will come to us. And follow-up? Easy when it is automated.

And what is the best part about having the skills to build in minimal time? Now we can talk to even the busiest of prospects and assure them they can fit our business into their schedule. Never worry about the “I don’t have time” objection again.

Don’t let a busy life stop us from building our future. Discover the skills to change our lives in just 15 minutes a day.

by Keith Schreiter and Tom "Big Al" Schreiter

Not every prospect joins right away.

They have to think it over, review the material, or get another opinion. This is frustrating if we are afraid to follow up with prospects.

What can we do to make our follow-up efforts effective and rejection-free? How do we maintain posture with skeptical prospects? What can we say to turn simple objections into easy decisions for our prospects?

Procrastination stops and fear evaporates when we have the correct follow-up skills. No more dreading the telephone. Prospects will return our telephone calls. And now, we can look forward to easy, bonded conversations with prospects who love us.

Prospects want a better life. They are desperately searching for:

1. Someone to follow.
2. Someone who knows where they are going.
3. Someone who has the skills to get there.

We have the opportunity to be that guiding light for our prospects.

When we give our prospects instant confidence, contacting our prospects again becomes fun, both for the prospects and for us. Don’t we both want a pleasant experience?

Don’t lose all those prospects that didn’t join on your first contact. Help reassure them that you and your opportunity can make a difference in their lives.

by George Campbell , Jim Packard

Everyone wants to achieve long-term success, yet many people fall short. The question is, why? The answer is simple: it’s a lack of performance consistency.

Consistency is the baseline skill that unleashes all the others. And until this skill is mastered, true potential is never realized. Yet most people struggle to keep up any kind of consistent effort, especially when it comes to building their network marketing business.

If you’ve had a life-long challenge with consistency, you’re finally going to understand why. More importantly, you’re going to begin to change. And if you’re a leader, you’re going to understand how to support that change in others on your team.

Author George Campbell readily admits for most of his life he had obvious talent and potential and yet was infuriatingly inconsistent. Co-author Jim Packard on the other hand, is a man with an unbroken string of successes, in his personal life and in business. It is with their two unique perspectives that they share The Consistency Chain.

by Tom "Big Al" Schreiter, Dan Culhane

Our prospects have a different point-of-view. So how do we talk to prospects in a way they “get it” and enjoy our message?

By quickly identifying our prospect’s color personality.

Discover the precise magic words to say to each of the four personalities. This isn’t a boring research textbook on the four different personalities. This book shows a fun, easy way to talk to our prospects based on how they see and feel about the world.

The results are stunning. Shy distributors become confident when they understand how their prospects think. Experienced distributors have short conversations that get prospects to join immediately.

Why be frustrated with prospects?

Instead, quickly discover the four personalities in a fun way that we will always remember. We will enjoy observing and analyzing our friends, co-workers and relatives, and we will see the way they see the world. It feels like we have 3D glasses in our network marketing career.

Of the 25 skills, this is the first skill that new distributors should learn. Why?

1. It gives new distributors instant confidence.

2. It eliminates rejection.

3. It helps prospects listen with open minds.

4. It gets instant results.

by Angel Olvera

Angel Olvera grew up in the harsh streets of Los Angeles, CA. Now a Network Marketing veteran, he knows what it takes to build a a successful organization. In ‘Your First 90 Days in Network Marketing, Mr Olvera outlines the skills needed and shares the tips and tricks that will lead you to a successful career in Network Marketing. Whether you’re just starting or restarting your business, this book will guide you to success in Network marketing.

by Ronald Douglas

If you are interested in making a success of your network marketing business, then this book is a must-have! Network Marketing is easy to read. Within its pages are important lines where you will find a goldmine of information to build a bigger and more successful business.

There are also a few other reasons why you should not only own this book, and study it, but also have it handy…Read on to learn more!

First of all, it’s a great company-neutral tool to attract prospects. People want to know what they have to do to succeed in network marketing. With this book, you will get a complete roadmap. It is guarantees improved results when you apply the principles contained therein on your prospects.

Network marketing thrives on numbers, communication, and accurate information. This is another reason why you should give this book to every sponsored person you bring into your network marketing business right from the very first day. It will give your newbies the proper start that they require ever before they have the opportunity to develop bad habits.

by Joe Rubino

In The Ultimate Guide to Network Marketing, network marketing guru Dr. Joe Rubino offers readers a wide variety of proven business-building techniques taken from many of the most successful network marketing leaders in the industry. Presenting a wide range of different perspectives and tactics, this comprehensive guide offers beginning network marketers and seasoned veterans alike all the specialized information and strategies they need to grow their business. Revealing a world of secrets it would take a lifetime in the industry to amass, the 37 contributors in this handy resource provide one-of-a-kind advice for building extreme wealth.

by Keith Schreiter and Tom "Big Al" Schreiter

Let our subconscious mind build our network marketing business. How? Through the power of automatic habits.“How do I start my network marketing business? What should I do first? How do I make consistent progress? What if I don’t know what to do?”These are questions we ask when we start our network marketing business. What we need is a …magic pill!Creating three simple habits is that magic pill.Tying our shoes, brushing our teeth, and driving the same route every day – all are habits. So why can’t we create three automatic habits that effortlessly move us to network marketing success? Well, we can.Every new distributor needs habits. Every experienced leader needs habits. When our team has habits that build consistently, we can push our business into momentum.Now, instead of using the weak willpower of our conscious mind, let’s use the huge and automatic forces in our subconscious minds to achieve the success we want.In this book we will learn how to:1. Create simple, automatic habits.2. Use three rejection-free habits that anyone can do.3. Repeat.