Top 50 Best Inspiring Robert Frost Quotes

Robert Frost Quotes: Robert Lee Frost (March 26, 1874 – January 29, 1963) was an American poet. His work was initially published in England before it was published in the United States. Known for his realistic depictions of rural life and his command of American colloquial speech, Frost frequently wrote about settings from rural life in New England in the early 20th century, using them to examine complex social and philosophical themes.

Common Questions about Robert Lee Frost

What was Robert Frost's poetic style?

Robert Frost’s poetry style could be described as conversational, realistic, rural, and introspective.

What was Robert Frost known for?

Robert Frost was known for his depictions of rural New England life, his grasp of colloquial speech, and his poetry about ordinary people in everyday situations.

What were Robert Frost’s most famous poems?

Robert Frost’s most famous poems included “The Gift Outright,” “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening,” “Birches,” “Mending Wall,” “The Road Not Taken,” and “Nothing Gold Can Stay.”

Our Favorite Robert Lee Frost Quotes

“We love the things we love for what they are.”

“In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on.”

“Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. Accept no one’s definition of your life; define yourself.”

“These woods are lovely, dark and deep, But I have promises to keep, And miles to go before I sleep, And miles to go before I sleep.”

“A poem begins as a lump in the throat, a sense of wrong, a homesickness, a lovesickness.”

“Love is an irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired.”

“No tears in the writer, no tears in the reader. No surprise in the writer, no surprise in the reader.”

“Forgive, O Lord, my little jokes on Thee And I'll forgive Thy great big one on me.”

“If we couldn't laugh we would all go insane.”

“Education is the ability to listen to almost anything without losing your temper or your self-confidence.”

“The best way out is always through.”

“Poetry is what gets lost in translation.”

“Freedom lies in being bold.”

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I - I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference.”


“Half the world is composed of people who have something to say and can't, and the other half who have nothing to say and keep on saying it.”

“Happiness makes up in height for what it lacks in length.

“I am not a teacher, but an awakener.”

“The rain to the wind said, You push and I'll pelt.' They so smote the garden bed That the flowers actually knelt, And lay lodged--though not dead. I know how the flowers felt.”

“Don't ever take a fence down until you know why it was put up.”

“Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to take you in.”

“Forgive me my nonsense as I also forgive the nonsense of those who think they talk sense.”

“A diplomat is a man who always remembers a woman's birthday but never remembers her age.”

“To be a poet is a condition, not a profession.”

“I'm not confused. I'm just well mixed

“I hold it to be the inalienable right of anybody to go to hell in his own way.”

“There are two kinds of teachers: the kind that fill you with so much quail shot that you can't move, and the kind that just gives you a little prod behind and you jump to the skies.”

“The afternoon knows what the morning never suspected.”

“The heart can think of no devotion Greater than being shore to the ocean- Holding the curve of one position, Counting an endless repetition.”


“How many things have to happen to you before something occurs to you?”

“There is one thing more exasperating than a wife who can cook and won't, and that's a wife who can't cook and will.”

“Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.”

“How many things would you attempt If you knew you could not fail”

“A mother takes twenty years to make a man of her boy, and another woman makes a fool of him in twenty minutes.”

“We ran as if to meet the moon.”

“We dance round in a ring and suppose, But the Secret sits in the middle and knows.”

“I'd like to get away from earth awhile And then come back to it and begin over. May no fate wilfully misunderstand me And half grant what I wish and snatch me away Not to return. Earth's the right place for love: I don't know where it's likely to go better.”

“The reason why worry kills more people than work is that more people worry than work.”

“A jury consists of twelve persons chosen to decide who has the better lawyer.”

“Something we were withholding made us weak, until we found it was ourselves.”

“Thinking is not to agree or disagree. That's voting.”

“The world is full of willing people, some willing to work, the rest willing to let them.”

“Before I built a wall I'd ask to know what I was walling in or walling out.”

“The brain is a wonderful organ; it starts working the moment you get up in the morning and does not stop until you get into the office.”

“A poem begins with a lump in the throat; a homesickness or a love sickness. It is a reaching-out toward expression; an effort to find fulfillment. A complete poem is one where an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.”

“And were an epitaph to be my story I'd have a short one ready for my own. I would have written of me on my stone: I had a lover's quarrel with the world.”

“I believe in teaching, but I don’t believe in going to school.”

“Unless you are educated in metaphor, you are not safe to be let loose in the world.”

“Oh, come forth into the storm and rout And be my love in the rain.”

“I shall be telling this with a sigh Somewhere ages and ages hence: Two roads diverged in a wood, and I— I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference.”

“By faithfully working eight hours a day you may eventually get to be boss and work twelve hours a day.”