Bitcoin Wallet Books: 4 Must-Reads

Bitcoin Wallet

Bitcoin Wallet Books: If you’ve ever wondered how Bitcoin Wallet works, We’ve compiled a list of great books to help clear up your confusion. If you enjoyed this list of bitcoin books please check out our other book lists on bitcoins.

Bitcoin Wallet Books

There are countless books and articles available these days discussing the importance of investing in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies now, recommending striking while the iron is hot. While this is certainly the case, making any moves without a clear understanding of where you are going to keep your cryptocurrency when you earn it is akin to putting the cart before the horse.

Inside this book, we will be discussing everything you could ever need to know about bitcoin and cryptocurrency wallets and how to choose the one that will best fit your needs.

First, you will learn all about what a cryptocurrency wallet is exactly and why it is important to give your decision about which one to choose the thought it deserves. You will then learn all about hot wallets, starting with software wallets and the differences between desktop wallets and more lightweight alternatives. Next, you will learn about online wallet options and why you will likely use more than one on a regular basis. From there you will learn about a variety of cold wallets, starting with hardware wallets and why they are ideal when it comes to storing cryptocurrency in the long term. Then you will learn about paper wallets, a cheap and secure alternative to hardware wallets. Finally, you will learn about brain wallets, the most secure form of cold wallet available on the market today.


Bitcoin Takara contains 1189 Bitcoin wallets. All private keys are listed in the book along with their QR codes. Wallets can be easily imported to your own wallet through the WIF-formated private keys.

Wondering what Bitcoin wallet and how to use? Discover the world’s most popular bitcoin wallet with step by step guide. Know more about how to choose best and secure bitcoin wallet.Store, send and receive your bitcoins at secure and easy way.

Have you heard about Cryptocurrency or Blockchain Technology, but you are still vague about what they are and how they work?
Then this book is for you!
Blockchain Technology is the most significant innovation since the internet and it is about to take the world by storm. Blockchains will completely change the way that our Governments, Financial Institutions, and Health and Business Systems across the globe process transactions and exchange information. This revolutionary new technology is a multi-purpose tool which can be used in countless applications and will soon impact upon every single one of us from all walks of life.

Blockchain Basics Explained provides concise information on all aspects of Blockchains, Wallets, Mining, Smart Contracts and ICO’s. In addition, this book will provide practical guidance and instruction on working with blockchains and how to buy, store and invest in cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Ripple. You will also discover how to spot and avoid scams. Unlike other books on these subjects, no fancy formulas or technical jargon is used, and no previous experience of any of the topics is required.