8 Best Yogasan Books

In yogasan, people assume various positions in order to stretch and exercise the body. These positions are also known as yogic postures or yogic asanas. Usually, a yogasan session begins with some basic stretches and then progresses to more difficult poses. Some of the benefits associated with practicing yogasan include improved flexibility and muscle tone, better posture, and increased strength and stamina. Along with the physical benefits, yogasan can also help to improve focus and concentration, reduce stress levels, and promote a sense of well-being.

There are many different yogasan books available that can help people to learn the various poses. These books typically include detailed instructions and illustrations to help people achieve the correct form. Some yogasan books also include information on the benefits of each pose and how to incorporate yogasan into a daily routine. When you’re ready check out our books below:

Yogasan Books

A Handbook for Yogasana Teachers by Mel Robin

An excellent resource for teachers and students of yogasana, medical professionals, and bodywork practitioners, A Handbook for Yogasana Teachers presents novel aspects of physiology and neuroscience as they apply to the practice of yoga. If you have ever wondered why we do yogasana as we do, you will likely find the answers within these pages.

Yogasana: The Encyclopedia of Yoga Poses by Yogrishi Ph.D. Vishvketu and Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Filled with chakra activation charts, images and descriptions of over eight hundred poses, and Sanskrit translation guides, this comprehensive encyclopedia makes the spirituality, practice, and language of yoga more accessible than ever before.

Packed with over eight hundred individual poses performed by renowned practitioner Yogrishi Vishvketu, Yogasana: The Encyclopedia of Yoga Poses is the most comprehensive yoga asana guide to date. With poses adapted to every skill level, the encyclopedia is an invaluable resource for both the yoga novice and the studio owner.

Nearly a millennium ago, the hatha yoga tradition included over seven hundred thousand yoga poses. Today, only a fraction of those are known. Yogi Vishvketu, a lifelong yoga devotee, bridges that gap by connecting modern poses to their ancient roots with an intuitive naming system that fuses past with present. 

A Physiological Handbook for Teachers of Yogasana by Mel Robin

This illustrated handbook attempts to reconcile the quantitative, objective observations of Western Medicine with the qualitative, subjective observations of Eastern Yoga.

52 Stress Less Cards - Mindfulness & Meditation Exercises for Anxiety Relief, Self Care & Relaxation

  • 52 EASY EXERCISES FOR EVERYONE: This unique Stress Less Cards Deck contains 52 extremely effective exercises for mindfulness, meditation, anxiety relief, stress management, self care, relaxation & more. These powerful exercises can be quickly memorized and used at work, office, school, commute, counseling, yoga, at your desk & even before going to sleep. These cards were developed by a team of therapists, counselors and yogi professionals to teach you how to stop your stress reaction and relax.
  • POWERFUL MEDITATION AND MINDFULNESS TECHNIQUES: These exercises are known to help reduce stress, anxiety and stop the mind’s automatic stress response. These exercises allow you to tap into the knowledge of advanced Yogis and Meditation professionals without requiring any prior knowledge. You will also learn how to focus on your breathing, observe your body, and awaken positive thoughts through visualizations.

Yoga Makaranda - The Nectar of Yoga by Yogacarya T Krishnamacharya

Every epoch goes through myriad changes. Sometimes positive, while at other moments, negative. In conventional Indian thinking, there exists a belief that whenever a dark period dominates, it heralds the time for a shining light to emerge.
The beginning of the twentieth century saw such a light in Yogäcärya Tirumalai Krishnamacharya. Born at a time when traditional knowledge systems were becoming obsolete, he restored Yoga to its former glory, through his dedication, hard work and creativity. His innovations in the domains of health, healing and spirituality have pioneered the entry of Yoga, once an exclusive practice of the mystics, into every household of our time. A prolific writer, he wrote numerous books and articles on various topics of classical Indian Philosophy.


Yoga and the Art of Mudras by Nubia Teixeira and Andrea Boston

Yoga and the Art of Mudras is a guided journey into the alchemy of asana (yoga pose) and mudra (symbolic hand gesture). Brazilian-born yogini, dancer, and author Nubia Teixeira has been practicing and teaching traditional yoga and classical Indian Odissi dance for over twenty-six years. In this book, she fuses her passion for yoga and dance with her love for bhakti (devotion). In so doing, she has created a unique and contemporary yoga system that encompasses all three healing arts.

Through beautiful photographs of each yoga pose, Nubia guides the reader in a meaningful union of hand gestures with asanas. Drawing, in particular, on expressions and hand gestures found in Indian dance, these newly developed poses will help transform a person’s hatha yoga practice into an embodied devotional and artistic yogic experience.

Svanasana Mala: A Garland of Six New Yogasanas by Stephanie Goldstein

Svanasana Mala is an instruction manual for the exploration of six new yogasanas. The postures were inspired and adapted from the positions of dogs. Each original asana is balanced by its own sequence, offering practitioners six new sequences to work with in a home practice.


The book explains elaborately the basic concept of Yoga, its origin, philosophy and aim, and also the relevance of Yoga in the present world. In fact, Yoga has an answer for every possible ailment/disease that affects the human race, including some of the deadly ones too, such as Cancer, AIDS, etc. Initially, the Yogic saints developed the Yogasanas by referring to animals, birds, trees and other creatures in order to stretch or relax. There are innumerable Yogasanas discussed in the book. Some of the well-known among them are: Surya Namaskar and its different poses, Uttana Padasana (Stretched leg Pose), Pawana Muktasana (Wind Release Pose), Naukasana (Boat Pose), Chakrasana (Wheel Pose), Padmasana (Lotus Pose), Halasana (Plough Pose), etc. Another salient feature of the book is that there are different sections, such as: Management of Common Diseases through Yoga, Pranayama & Yogic Diet, Yoga for Seniors, Yoga for Women, Yoga for Children & Students, Yoga for Managing Stress, etc. However, it is recommended that Yoga should always be practised under the guidance of a trained Yoga Teacher/Practitioner